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We specialize in Run and Triathlon Training. We have many plans to fit your exact needs. All of our training Plans are customized to you.  We do not use “cookie cutter” plans and hope that you fit into them.  We understand that training is not easy and GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL BE 100% FOCUSED ON YOUR GOALS

Triathlon Training - Wanna be a triathlete but can't swim, or haven't ridden a bike in a while, or are just not reaching your running goals?  You have come to the right place.  We have certified trainers on staff ready to help you achieve your triathlon goals.  With packages starting at only $200 per month, our trainers will be able to coach you on nutrition, swimming, cycling, running, cross training, stretching and equipment choices for your specific goals.  We are capable of working with any age group and getting results from anyone with a multisport goal.  We have great beginner packages as well as advanced Ironman distance packages.  At Metatest, we utilize the opportunities available with online training plans and in-person sessions to help you through the training.  Our trainers are specialists in balancing out your abilities between the swimming, biking, and running to make you reach your goals in all of the events.


We offer 3 types of Run Training:

1) Group Training

2) Custom Training Plans

3) 1 on 1 Coaching

Group Training - We have partnered with Red Rock Running Company and Life Time Fitness to provide the best running groups in Las Vegas. We offer weekly coach led group runs, educational seminars, weekly emails, full schedules including running and cross training, and full time access to our coaches. We recognize that group training is supposed to be a mix of fun and serious so we provide a safe environment for everyone to get better at their running while socializing and enjoying the group atmosphere. Please check with Coach Samantha by emailing Sam@metatestvo2.com to see what groups are now forming. We normally do 5k run group training all year round with half marathon and marathon training groups for Fall and Spring marathons.

Custom Training Plans - A custom training plan starts with an assessment of your skils and goals. From there we make a one time plan that you will follow to get you through your goals. These plans are made specifically for you and are easy to follow step by step. You choose your plan based on the length of time that you want to train for and not by the goal race distance. For instance, if you want an 8 week plan to get better at a 5k, we will make that plan and you will follow it to be a better 5k runner in 8 weeks. These plan go all the way out to 20 weeks with prices based on how many weeks you want. Email Sam@metatestvo2.com to set up an appointment for your assessment.

1 on 1 Training - With our exclusive 1 on 1 training plans we work every step of the way with you to get you to your goals as a runner. We start with an assessment of your form, running knowledge, and goals then we track your progress every week in order to maximize your growth. Most of the training is done through our online portal where we will share a calendar of your scheduled workouts and analyze your feedback from your heart rate monitor and perceptions. This training is great for elites or beginners that want to reach a specific pace or distance goal. Email Sam@metatestvo2.com to start your 1 on 1 program.



If you have any fitness or nutrition goals from losing that last 10 lbs of excess weight to competing in a marathon or triathlon then you will certainly benefit from working with our trainers.  Combining  the information that you will get from our Metabolic and VO2 testing and the information/motivation that you will receive from our trainers you will greatly increase your chances of making your goals.  Call us today at 702-569-2205 and talk with a trainer that can get you started on your path to fitness. 

Running and Triathlon program range from $3.10 to $900 per month and are currently being utilized by professional athletes and amateur age groupers around the world.  We have online and in person programs designed to get you to your goals by using group training, personal training, strength training, sports specific training, and training clinics to get you in shape and ready to race better than you could every imagine.  Contact us today to find out how you can train with us!!


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