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J.H. , Triathlete, Las Vegas, NV:

"If you are debating whether you need a coach, the answer is a resounding YES! It truly took the time I was devoting to the sport and made it count for 10x's the results. If you are debating wether Metatest is the right team for you? That is of course individually based, but if you are looking for knowledgable, well rounded, big picture coaches that truly take the time to care about you, look no further....
My only true regret is that I didn't start sooner, I cry thinking how much time I wasted over the last few years trying to do it on my own.....

R.H. , Triathlete, Las Vegas, NV:

"I just wanted to thank you again for my testing session Saturday.  I now know some things
I didn't know before and I was reminded of some important things that I knew, but needed
to be reminded of.  I'll tell you, my training ride yesterday was a whole new experience
based on my heart rate zones and [my coach's] prescription.  I can now see I have much more
potential to tap.

Thanks again! "

P.M. , Triathlete, Chicago, IL:

"Training for an Ironman takes a lot of time on the bike, on the road and in the pool. I work a full time job and have kids so I squeeze in workouts where I can. Knowing my RMR, and my VO2 Max make it possible to reach my goals without any wasted workouts. Sam is terrific with making my training schedule and explaining the tests results, drills, and workouts. This is the biggest goal that I have this year and Sam will get me there."

M.H. , Cyclist, Las Vegas, NV:

"I was surprised at the initial Vo2 Max number but with the help of Jared and Sam was able to understand why my Vo2 Max was lower than expected and how I was going to raise it.  Now, I am training with Jared for the King Of The Mountains  century rides in California and am confident in my abilities to finish strong.  Jared explained the testing, what it meant in a practical sense, and how we were going to improve to reach my goals.  I have learned more about how my body reacts to exercise with Metatest then I did in years of cycling on my own.  The improvement has made cycling more enjoyable and has made it possible to everything that I want to in this sport."

R.S. , Retired, Las Vegas, NV:

"My doctor told me that I needed to lose weight.  I had not been to a gym in 40 years and I thought that eating healthy meant that I had to eat salads and yogurt for all meals.  The doctor referred me to Metatest where Sam and Jared did  a Resting Metabolic Rate and a Body Composition  test.  The explanations that they gave me and the plan that we made together made me excited about eating healthy and lowering my weight.  By showing me the facts of how I got to where I was able to understand how I was going to get to where I needed to be.  Having numbers, scientific data, and a plan to follow was perfect.  Sam and Jared are very motivational and made me feel very comfortable.  My doctor was surprised by the results on my next visit.  Thank you, Metatest! "

K.H. , Installer, Las Vegas, NV:

"Hi Jared, here is the picture you wanted.  Thanks for putting it on your website.  You really got me going in the right path.  Thanks again"


Before and After:

Check out these transformations from some real Metatest clients:

Jason was 37 years old, 6' 3", 265 lbs and in bad health. His cholesterol Jason AfterJason Before was through the roof and as he says, he was, "way too familir with the local Dominos guy." In an effort to keep himself off of medications and give his wife and children the role model that they deserved he made some very healthy life changes which resulted in a quick 40lb weight loss. It also started to get his competitive juices flowing and he went on an 18 month journey that included all distances of triathlon including an Ironman. He did this all on his own but realized that there was a lot that he did not know about training so he signed up for Metabolic Testing and Triathlon Training with Metatest. He wanted to be healthier and more competitive. After 4 months of training with Metatest, Jason has dropped another 30 lbs (in the low 180's for the after picture), taken 20 seconds per 100 meters off of his swim times, and has gone from 10 minute per running mile to sub 7 minutes. He could not believe it when he won his age group in a serious triathlon after just 4 months of dedicated training with Metatest. He credits his stronger core, better nutrition, and all around better lifestyle for this fantastic performance. We credit his positive disposition and unwavering dedication. Congratulation on the fantastic transformation!!! Let's see what Jason can do next while traveling down this new path!


Kevin Before after Kevin used the testing information and lessons from the Metatest staff to help in losing over 160 lbs!!  Kevin will be the first to tell you that he did not "DIET" and that he truly enjoys the changes that he made in his life. Kevin learned how his body works and how he can change his body composition to have the life that he always wanted.  Hearing stories like this is what makes us at Metatest extremely happy.  Congratulations to Kevin for this awesome accomplishment.  Look here for some other Testimonials from real Metatest clients.                    


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