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Metatest Price List

At Metatest, we believe that our testing done at regular intervals will provide anyone with the information that they need to make a healthy lifestyle plan and achieve their physical goals.  These tests can be done separately or in conjunction with one another to provide maximum information.  If you have a goal to lose weight in a short amount of time then you will want to test as often as once every month.  If you have a long term goal of maintaining weight or improving endurance over the years then you may want to test quarterly or even annually.  Examples or base prices and packages are listed below.

A La Carte Tests:

Body Composition Testing (Body Fat %) $40
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing $55
VO2 Sub-Max Test $125
All 3 tests (1 session) $210
All Packages include a FREE CONSULTATION

Training Packages:

Run Training Schedule (Up To Marathon Distance) - Monthly


Triathlon Training Schedule - Monthly $250
Endurance Run Training (Marathon and Ultra) - Monthly


Training Sessions - (Run and Bike) Hourly $75
Swim Training Sessions - Hourly (plus pool fees if applicable) $75

We have packages available for Certified Trainers, Fund Raising Groups, and Corporate Wellness Programs. 

Please call 702-569-2205 for additional rates or to make a custom package.


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